Female driving instructors:

Find Female driving instructors in Ottawa, our female driving instructor is well trained and experienced do not hesitate to contact us or write to us. Getting your driving license is no doubt a very exciting experience for any one. And after finding a good driving school, the next big question mark will be, whether to go for male driving instructor or a female one; if you’re driving school has the option for you to select. And if you are in a search of a driving school with a female driving instructor in Ottawa then five star driving school will be the right choice for you. With the years of experience, our female instructors have helped us to keep the reputation of our school with their exceptional result with their new drivers.

The difference between the female and male driving instructors:

Five star driving school has equally competent driving instructors, and the very basic and important factor which qualifies a good instructor is that he or she should be Approved driving instructor (ADI) regardless of the gender, so for our driving school there is “NO” difference between female and male driving instructors.

female driving instructors in Ottawa


Most of the times these are the preferences of our students that they might be looking for a female driving instructor. Some females might feel more comfortable to be with a female in the same way some students are more comfortable with the male driving instructors.

Though both male and female driving instructors might be equally competent but when the teaching style comes, some students might be freer to learn with a gentle, calm and patient driving instructor on the other hand some students like the approach of pushed and challenged and to move a step ahead with every new driving lesson. Being gentle and calm doesn’t mean the female drivers will not be result oriented; you can always have a check with the testimonials of our past students regarding their experience with our female driving instructor in Ottawa.

What would be the best choice?

When it comes to choose between a male and a female driving instructor, it is completely your choice if you want to take the driving lessons with the female driving instructor. And if you think you will be more comfortable to learn with the female driving instructor, our driving school has equally qualified female driving instructors. It is only the matter of preference of our students because each and every individual learns and responds in a different way and same goes with the teaching style as well.

Five star driving school knows how to cater your needs, and you can register with us today and can learn with our Approved female driving instructor in Ottawa. You will be surely satisfied with our professional female driving instructors and the knowledge and skills they have. Our female driving instructors are result oriented and they help the new drivers to achieve their goals at the completion of the course. So if you are interested please feel free to call us today, we will make and help you to pass and clear all the exams with a high success rate.