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We are focused on empowering our students with practical driving skills,
and a thorough knowledge of the industry.
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Five Stars Driving School,
Ministry Approved Beginner Driver Education Course Provider. Proud Serving Ottawa Valley.
Our focus on providing In-Class, On-Line BDE course and G2, G driving test preparation. We create a supportive learning environment for newly licensed drivers not only to be able to understand the theory of driving but also the practical importance of operating a vehicle for successful driving careers ahead. Our ministry certified experience driver instructor will be able to determine your needs.


Five star driving school

The most crucial step in getting your driving license is to find a good driving school. Five star driving school has been providing the services since 2009, and we have made and maintained the reputation to be one of the best among other driving schools. Our driving school provides ministry of transportation approved courses, having the best certified and experienced instructors. Our driving schools have a number of positive testimonials in delivering In-class BDE, Online BDE and private driving lessons in Ottawa. Selecting the right driving school can be beneficial for our students to be safe and responsible drivers.

Our driving school has state of the art technology and equipment. Our goal is to provide quality driving lessons to the beginner drivers, no matter whether our students have some knowledge or not. The driving instructors at five star driving school are experts in their work and they provide result oriented training to our new drivers. Our driving school not only helps our students to get their driving license successfully but also how to make them confident and to be vigilant while taking decisions in panic situations. The skills our new drivers learn in their training process will help them for their rest of the lives how to be safe and responsible drivers. Depending on the ability of our students our instructors cope up with them, in case a student is slow learner and we do provide private driving lessons in Ottawa.

While you are in the search for a good driving school there are certain things you have to keep in mind;

  • Full course includes 20hrs in-class, 10hrs home link, and 10hrs in-car.
  • Certified and qualified instructors
  • Modern and up-to-date equipment
  • Availability of vehicles for the road test
  • References to their previous class students
  • The tuition fee for the courses should be clear without any hidden charges.
  • Students evaluation reports

When a student successfully completes a government-approved beginner driver education course, the driving school will certify you online. Your student driver record will be updated through the Ministry of Transportation to show that you have completed the course.

Five star driving school is no doubt a good choice in your search for a driving school, providing ministry of transportation approved courses, we suggest to come and meet our instructors. Contact us today we will guide you through the initial stages, getting your license successfully.