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We are focused on empowering our students with practical driving skills,
and a thorough knowledge of the industry.
Let us prepare you for the road ahead.

French driving instructor

Are you looking French driving instructor in Ottawa? We have been serving the Ottawa area for over 10 years! We Speak English, French and Arabic. Five star driving schools have led hundreds of student to successfully get their driving license. Having the best certified and specialized driving instructors, we are among one of the best driving schools in Ottawa. Our school also has the availability of French driving instructor in Ottawa, so if you are in a search of a driving school that will give lessons in French then five star driving school will be the right choice for you. Our main goal for each and every student is to make sure that they get their G2 and G license as soon as possible.

We Speak English, French And Arabic
We are focused on empowering our students with practical driving skills and a thorough knowledge of the industry.
Let us prepare you for the road ahead

The courses which we provide in our school are ministry of transportation approved courses. The rate of drive test success is above 95%, our instructors make sure in each lesson the new driver has grasped all the knowledge. In the past, we have help hundreds of students who were seeking French driving instructors in Ottawa. Five star diving school knows how to cater the needs of students seeking French driving instructors, yet by taking the lessons in French they are in a comfort zone to understand the lessons than to have them in English; as per the preference of our students.

Our driving school makes sure to prepare the students in a way that when they will go for their driving test, they might exactly know what they should expect. Our certified French driving instructors help and guide the students, making sure that the whole learning experience is pleasant and free of stress. Our French driving instructor Ottawa will give you the orientation about the vehicles and road situation in Ottawa. The lessons which we offer are 20 hours in-class lessons in French, 10 hours of theory through home link in French and 10 hours in-car driving sessions in French as well.

Along with providing the basic knowledge of driving our driving school teaches our new driver how to be more confident on the road and we provide defensive driving training as well in panic situations and preparing them to be responsible and safe drivers. Our instructors make sure that the students have gone through all the safety rules and regulations which have to be followed on the road while driving. As the driving rules are strict in the region of Ottawa and if not followed there are certain penalties and fines as well.

Five star driving school knows how to cater your needs, and you can register with us today and can learn with our Approved French driving instructor in Ottawa. You will be surely satisfied with our professional female driving instructors and the knowledge and skills they have. Our female driving instructors are result oriented and they help the new drivers to achieve their goals at the completion of the course. So if you are interested please feel free to call us today, we will make and help you to pass and clear all the exams with a high success rate. Contact us today and we will help you to get your driving license.

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